Phillips Meats

At Phillips Meats we believe in supporting our local economy. All of our beef and pork products have been raised by local farmers, and processed in house. We have a close relationship with all the farms that we buy from and know that every product we put out is the highest quality available. 

Why Choose Us?

We work hard everyday at Phillips Meat Processing to provide our customers with high quality meats harvested from locally raised livestock from our community.

About Us

Dale Phillips

store owner

Phillips Meat Processing was founded in 1974 by H. Dean and Nancy Phillips in Zanesville, Ohio. It started out as a part-time family business cutting beef and deer on the weekends. In 1998, Dale (the oldest son) and his wife Roxann Phillips took over the business and built a state-of-the-art processing plant, complete with a kill floor and a retail shop. Phillips is now 3 generations strong, with Dale & Roxann's son, and grandkids all working within the company. Phillips is under federal inspection and can now sell product all over the United States. The products Phillips offer ranges from fresh cuts of beef, pork, smoked meats, and lunch meats. All of these products are made and cooked in-house using high quality ingredients and no fillers. Quality is of the upmost importance. Phillips strives to satisfy their customers. We take extreme measures to make our clients’ experience as simple and convenient as possible. Being a family owned and operated business we take pride in all of our products and feel that our customer will be satisfied!


Retail store & Processing Plant


2790 Ridge Rd, Zanesville, Ohio 43701

Store Hours

Monday - Friday

8:00am -5:30pm


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